Hey doc, what’s with the name?

Vets without boundaries.  What’s with this name?  No we are not trying to ride on the coat tails of the amazing organization Veterinarians without Borders (although we would love to work with them if only they needed a couple of washed up small animal vets).  Vets without boundaries is a title that seems to “fit”Continue reading “Hey doc, what’s with the name?”

Midlife crisis or the smartest thing we’ve ever done?

Here it is, blog post #1. To get you in the mood take a minute and hum the theme song for the Brady Bunch in your head (or out loud if you are at work and need to liven things up a little).  If you don’t know the theme song to the Brady Bunch, whatContinue reading “Midlife crisis or the smartest thing we’ve ever done?”